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Empowering Your Growth, Priced for Your Success

Unlimited, high speed access to D3x Engine and the Skill router, connected to OpenAI GPT-4T

  • Unlimited chats per month

  • Chat integration (Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Google)

  • Website chat bot

  • Connection to helpdesk (Zendesk, Freshdesk)

  • Email automation (Outlook, gmail)

  • Unified Inbox

  • Connected to PMS

  • Data security 

  • Basic support

For fast-moving operators looking to supercharge guest communications

$5 / room per month 

Everything in Professional and

  • Custom data ingestion

  • Custom inventory API

  • Custom pricing API

  • Connect to in-House CRM

  • Admin controls, domain verification, and analytics

  • Priority support & ongoing account management


For innovative companies looking to automate guest communications

Schedule a free customer journey consultation and boost your business

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