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More direct bookings

Hotels worldwide surrender up to 45% in commissions to OTAs, a figure steadily climbing annually as monopolies tighten their grip. These profits often flow to Google, fuelling exorbitant Ad costs for top rankings. This circular system is not only broken but burdens hoteliers with substantial Google taxes in addition to local taxes. At D3x, we're thinking of innovative ideas to break this cycle. Our focus is on bolstering direct bookings, leveraging AI to discern guests' true desires. This means offering not just discounts but also personalized service, enhanced context, local offers, and refined recommendations. In crafting these tools, we're committed to collaborating closely with our clients, listening, learning, and committing to our mission (D3x) triple direct bookings for hospitality providers.

Operational excellence

Coming together from diverse corners of the globe, our team forms a vibrant tapestry of experiences rooted in India, the US, Europe, and beyond. With a combined track record of checking in 10,000 individuals from all walks of life, we boast a decade-long journey in the hospitality sector. Living and breathing the complexities of managing physical businesses, navigating guest interactions, and orchestrating the intricate tech stack required for seamless hotel operations, we understand the challenges intimately. Now, fuelled by our passion, we're thrilled to introduce AI to revolutionize our industry. Our aim is to serve you with the utmost professionalism, leveraging cutting-edge technology to bring you a hospitality experience that is both modern and exceptional. 


Meet the Founders

What brings together a hardcore techie, a Columbia MBA, and a designer? A shared passion for crafting the latest innovations rooted in timeless principles and always infused with beauty. We're here and ready to chat, eager to delve into the details. Feel free to drop us a direct message to say hi. Thanks for dropping by!


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