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Drive more direct bookings, automated repetitive  tasks and create personas of your guests with their prefrences

Automate your guest journey with AI


We’re Here to Revolutionise the World of Hospitality

We envision a future where hospitality is a seamless fusion of human connection and AI. We strive to be pioneers in this transformative journey, leading the industry towards a new era where every guest feels not just accommodated, but truly understood and valued. A future where innovation enhances, rather than replaces, the human touch.

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Meet your personalised AI Agent

trained on your own dataset

Fetches rates & availability in real time

2 sec

Response time

89 % 

Solves guest requests

Say goodbye to delays and language barriers and take your guest communication to the next level by providing real-time rates and availability. AI Agent increases conversion, ensuring a dynamic and efficient booking process that sets a new standard in hospitality technology.

Personalized & Trained by you

1 hour

one time training

30 h/week

of work automated

Elevate operational efficiency automating up to 30 hours a week of repetitive tasks. From promptly addressing guest requests to engaging in profound discussions about your mission and values, our AI Agent is not just a problem solver but a conversational partner. Additionally, it seamlessly provides curated recommendations and essential brand links, offering a personalized touch that enhances guest satisfaction.

Unified Inbox for more insights





Unified inbox consolidates messages from all channels—be it WhatsApp, Facebook, email, or Google—into one interface. Our user-friendly platform offers a comprehensive overview of guest preferences and needs, providing valuable insights into the guest profile and potential issues. Target guests directly with personalized offers, leveraging the power of AI to enhance your sales strategy and create tailored experiences that exceed expectations.


A new engine for operators who take hospitality seriously

Experience the transformative potential of ChatGPT, harmonized with your own proprietary dataset, and amplified by our revolutionary skills router, offering unprecedented automation for every facet of future business operations. Say goodbye to traditional apps as we seamlessly push and receive information through the most commonly used channels worldwide, ensuring a fluid and intuitive experience for both businesses and guests.


D3x in Numbers




Hotels Worldwide





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