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Fulfilling the Desires of the Future Guest with AI

By harnessing the power of AI, we are not only adapting to guest expectations but also anticipating and fulfilling their desires before they even articulate them. From personalized recommendations to seamless check-ins and intuitive services, AI is redefining the hospitality experience.

24/7 in every language

Always on

Learns from, and adapts to your guests needs


Recommend activities that matter to your community

Ultra local

Infuse your personality into every line

Sounds like you

Get your own AI Agent

Stay ahead of the curve

Understands complex questions

Feels like a human not like a bot

Chat on all common channels like Whatsapp, Instagram or Email

Draws knowledge from different sources simultaneously

Shares live rates or recommends activities 


Make it a conversation not a transaction

In times where every guest is treated like another number, you can build meaningful relationships.

Efficiently handle all inquiries related to parking, check-in procedures, room details, opening times, prices and much more at any time of the day

Answer all questions before arrival

Seamlessly collect and process booking inquiries, by offering real-time information on rates and availability, and details related to the guest booking. 

Convert bookings in chat

Whether it's recommending exciting activities, showcasing additional services, or dealing with a challenging situations - AI Agent got you covered.

Concierge service until check-out


No more apps - just connect

Meet your guests on their favourite channel and chat with them from unified inbox











planet pms




One inbox for all your messages

Inbox a tool for managing communications, staying informed, and making data-driven decisions to enhance the overall efficiency and performance of your property.


Tap into the heartbeat of your community and share some local love. From recommending beloved cafes and restaurants to connecting guests with trusted local suppliers - ensuring every detail is covered. 

Rates & Availability 

Introducing our latest feature that automates guest booking requests in mere seconds. Our current focus is elevating this functionality to the next level, ensuring not just accuracy but also securing bookings with competitive offers and exclusive details. Our aim is to boost direct bookings, and saving operators thousands in commissions. Read more about our mission here.

Inbox seamlessly integrates with various communication channels, including email, social media, and messaging apps. This ensures a unified and consistent guest experience across all platforms.


Analyze guest preferences and behaviors, allowing for the creation of AI generated tags and summaries. This information can then be used to offer tailored recommendations, special offers, and customized services.


Inbox can scale to handle increased guest volumes without a linear increase in operational costs. This scalability is particularly valuable during peak seasons.



Introducing Skills

Introducing "skills" – a groundbreaking concept enabling your AI Agent to perform a myriad of tasks. With skills, your AI Agent becomes a versatile powerhouse, enhancing your business operations in ways you never thought possible.

Craft your unique identity on our platform, shaping not just a voice but a personality that aligns with your mission, values, and brand. With this personalized touch, every chat, every communication emanates authenticity, sounding distinctly like you rather than an automated bot. 


Stay adaptable and well-prepared with our dynamic and extendable knowledge base, your central hub for all valuable information. Whether you're training a new staff member or ensuring your guests are informed down to the last detail, our comprehensive knowledge base has you covered. 

Knowledge Base

Other skills

coming up 

Reply to reviews completely automated in your voice, intelligently.


Let guest check in before or during their arrival at your property. 

Pre check-in

Too many guest requests and issues, the ticketing skill might just be the right feature for you.



Automate your guest communication

Trained on your own data set and broad general knowledge D3x can solve your guest request up to 90% of the time.

By automating repetitive tasks you free up the time of your team to focus on what matters the most.

  • Cut your operations costs in half

  • Meet your SLA's every time

  • Resolve ongoing hiring problem

Save hours of valuable time and help your team to be more efficient

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